Notable Projects & Packages

   ECF Helper
A full application that takes emails directly from Pacer. Downloads the free look automatically, then adds any necessary court dates to an attorney's calendar along with a link that allows infinite free views. Source code available upon request.
Built with: JavaScript/Node.js, Hapi, React/Redux, Postgres, Cronofy
A VOIP softphone built as a Progressive Web Application. Currently allows outbound calls from multiple numbers and works on both mobile and desktop browsers. Text messaging and call logs coming soon!
Built with: JavaScript/Node.js, Hapi, React/Redux, Postgres
I created the initial implementation that later became Cronofy's official Node SDK. Eventually this was handed over to the company's Github to manage and improve upon.
Built with: JavaScript/Node.js
A package for automatically converting Chrome APIs to use node-style callbacks.
Built with: JavaScript/Node.js
A small webserver with multiple OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities. Used to train new developers on the dangers of SQL Injection and other common web application vulnerabilities.
Built with: JavaScript/Node.js, Express